Nose Guide

I have a BT-80 nose cone and was trying to decide what to build with it. I came across this great reference of Estes nose cones and all the kits that were made from them. So I can look at the BT-80 reference and see:

Kit Number Kit Name
1291 Maxi Alpha
1321 Maxi Alpha III
1326 Colossus
1380 Phoenix
1903 Maxi Alpha III (re-release)
1904 V-2 (re-release)
1926 V-2
1951 Executioner
1970 Der V-3
2035 Optima
2094 Shadow
2188 Canadian Arrow

Then simply get the kit plans from Ye Olde Rocket Plans or at JimZ and build away.

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One Response to Nose Guide

  1. John Brohm says:

    And for re-creating that old clone, you might want to try the following document:

    It provides the tube lengths for virtually every kit in the Estes line.

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