Friday Freebies

Today’s “Friday freebies” are all about chutes. I make all of my chutes from ripstop nylon. They are far superior to the cheap plastic ones in most models.

My first tip is on how to draw a perfect hexagonal pattern
“Choose a diameter you would like for a chute. Using a compass, draw a circle the same diameter. Now using a using the compass set at that diameter and make a mark anywhere on the circle and walk them to the next mark and the next until you land on your original mark. Now using a straight edge, connect the marks. If you have done it correctly it will be perfect.”

Some great Parachute helper apps:
Richard Nakka’s Parachute Gore Pattern Spreadsheet

Rocket Team Vatsaas Chute Page
and their Parachute Calculator

William Orvis’s Making Small Rip-stop Nylon Parachutes

….and for the number geeks out there
Mathematics of Flat Parachutes

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