Counting CHADS

Well in this case CHAD stands for CHeap And Dirty staging. It means taking a normally single stage rocket and taping an additional motor directly to it. You need to have a very stable rocket because you are adding another mass with the motor on the aft of the rocket.You should also watch out for the falling motor during staging. In most cases, if the stability is there, you can get quite a boost. Have any of you tried CHAD staging?What are your experiences?

Here is a great tutorial on all types of staging.

Great article by Dick Stafford on Rack Rockets and Mega-staging 

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7 Responses to Counting CHADS

  1. My favorite and most often CHAD staged rocket is my Estes flying saucer, now called the Snitch. I like a D12-0 to C0-0 combo too. (a C0 is a used C BYW)

  2. EGADS I posted my comment about rack rockets to the clubs post. I had an attack of backbuttonitis combined with stale chache I guess. Here’s my link (again)

    (Please delete the other one)

  3. AstroMan says:

    I was thinking about trying this with my Big Bertha. Anyone out there tried it with a Big Bertha?

  4. Thanks for the nice words about my Rack Rockets post. I added some material and gave credit back here.

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  7. Kelli says:

    I havent tried CHAD yet but i think im going to this summer!!!!

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