Paper Rockets

retro paper
I was following a thread over on Rocketry Forum about online plans for paper rockets. Of course you know about Art Applewhite’s paper rockets. These are some others that came out of the Forum thread. Thanks Cliverooni!

LHV Paper model shop

Currell Graphics

Sci Fi models

UPDATE: See my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide

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2 Responses to Paper Rockets

  1. Ed Minchau says:

    I maintain the Space Blogroll, a list of as many space-related blogs as I can find. I added your blog to the blogroll today, the 133rd blog I’ve added so far. If you would like to display the Space Blogroll on your blog (and it’s ok if you don’t, you’re in there regardless), you can find the necessary code here. I also have a number of Space-related links in my sidebar, and I’ll be adding a number of the rocketry links from your sidebar to those lists as well.

    Your blog looks pretty good so far; welcome to the blogosphere! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link-back! Glad to see another sport-rocketry blogger, those folks have us outnumbered 🙂

    BTW, EMRR has paper rocket links on the bottom of his ‘spacial links’ page:

    I have converted several models, which can be found on EMRR by searching on my name. Mine are all for Micro-Maxx so far.

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