Copter Crazed

I’ve become interested in autorotaion recovery in rockets. I’ve never flown one myself but would like to pursue this in the near future. I’ve found a couple of old plans online and may build one from scratch. Are there any copter recovery rocket kits currently being sold?

Here are some great copter links from the folks over at the Rocketry Forum

Venus Rocketry

Heli-Roc from Apogee

Qualified Competition Rockets

Update 6-16-06:

I have now been flying copters for almost 3 months. Probably logged over 50 flights. I have 4 copters in my fleet and my current favorites are the QCR copters. I just finished the Venus Rocketry Pancakes but have not flown it. I even have a scratch build from a free NAR design that flies beautifully.

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