Garbage In Rocket Out

About two months ago I made a bet with my daughter that we could build a fairly descent rocket from things in the garbage. The result was "The Kitchen Sink", a rocket made entirely out of garbage. It contained a wax paper roll, rolled up cardstock from packaging, part of a trashbag as a parachute, all but the motors came from the garbage….it was 100% post consumer recycling. The rocket flies great. It's a little heavier than an Alpha style rocket but flies straight and true. I had so much fun trying to engineer a rocket from garbage that I've done it again. Introducing "Das Raket" . Stumpier with an early 20th centry look…it was a blast to build. I hope to fly it soon….so far I've only flown it on RocSim.

Here are great tips to help you build cheaply

recycled rocket

rocket origami

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2 Responses to Garbage In Rocket Out

  1. Doug Knight says:

    I have my freshman and soph physics classes make “homemade” model rockets as their first semester projects. Rule is they cannot use any object made specifically for any projectile like device in construction of the rocket. And they must be designed in RockSim.

    Some pretty interesting designs and very good flights. Pill bottle engine mounts, ABS body tubes, Shopvac attachment nosecones, etc….

    Doug Knight

  2. starlord says:

    There is an SIAR member down in Fla, that puts on model rocketry classes for special kids and he calls it Recycle Rocketry as he uses household paper goods to build the rockets with.

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