Rocket Eating Trees

I visited my family near Winton-Salem, NC last Saturday. I was there for the wedding of my nephew. My father has just enough open space around his house that I can launch A and maybe a B motor depending on the wind. It didn’t seem particularly windy however about 500 feet it must have been a different story. I launched a Semroc Javelin on an A8-3….beautiful flight but when the parachute opened I realized how fast the winds were aloft. The rocket drifted further and further away. I wish I had timed the duration because it was amazing. Eventually it landed in a dreaded Rocket Eating Tree. I followed that launch with the launch of my daughter’s Semroc Triton. It has no parachute, no streamer, just tumble recovery. Once again I used an A8-3. It took off straight and fast soon disappearing in the sky never to be seen again. Two rockets in two launches gone…..I’ll just wait to I get to Whitakers this weekend to launch any more.

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One Response to Rocket Eating Trees

  1. Starlord says:

    When I live on Oahu, it wasn’t so mush the trees, but if your rocket got passed them, it was the Ocean that was the next landing area for the rocket.

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