OMG, No more Whitakers

I couldn’t believe the emails as I read them. Whitakers was no longer. I had been preparing for the entire month to launch my fleet. Oh sad sad day. I’ve just started back in this hobby after a long absence. I visited Whitakers for the first time last month. I only brought a few rockets but had a blast flying them. Here was a place that I didn’t have to watch out for the Rocket Eating Trees. Here was a place that I could launch my mid powered rockets. Here is a place that had been supporting launches for 8 years. All gone. It will now be a cornfield. The owner had no choice financially. Sad sad day.

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3 Responses to OMG, No more Whitakers

  1. Tom Marls says:

    terrible news indeed

  2. Dennis Hill says:

    Actually, we’ve been flying at the Whitakers launch site since late 1993 – over 12 years!

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