SpaceX Telstar 19V Launch Info


Launch Time: July 22nd 2018, launch window opens at 01:50 a.m. EDT (05:50 – 09:50 UTC)
Launch Location: SLC-40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Payload: Telstar 19V
Telstar 19V (Telstar 19 Vantage) is a communication satellite of the Canadian satellite communications company Telesat. It was built by Space Systems Loral (MAXAR) and is based on the SSL-1300 bus.

Webcast: SpaceX Webcast            SpaceX Channel on Youtube

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SpaceX CRS-15 Launch Info



Launch Time: June 29th 2018, 05:41 EDT / 09:41 UTC
Launch Location: SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Payload: Cargo re-supply mission. Read here on details of what is included in the payload.
Live Coverage: SpaceX Webcast            SpaceX Channel on Youtube

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Rocket Lab Electron “It’s Business Time” Launch Info


UPDATE: 06-28-18 The team is standing down from this launch window to take a closer look at the motor controller behavior again. We’re still not happy with the data, and as we all know, the only metric that counts in the launch business is 100% mission success. Stay tuned for updates!

Rocket Lab Website

Launch Time: no earlier than 2:27 UTC , Saturday 23 June  or 10:27 PM June 22nd ET for those on East coast of US

Payload: Spire’s Lemur-2-Zupanski and Lemur-2 Chanusiak Nanosatellites
Tvak Nanosatellite Systems GeoOptics nanosatellite
NABEO – drag-sail tech demonstrator for space debris removal

Live Stream: Rocket Lab Live Stream

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Pictorial History of the Spacesuit Part 1

Part 1 :Early Concepts (through 1940s)

spacesuit  –  a garment worn to keep a human alive in the harsh environment of outer space, vacuum and temperature extremes.

Early Concept Drawings


Lunar Space Suit image credit: British Interplanetary Society


Wiley Post

During the 1930’s the famous high flying aviator Wiley Post used Pressure Suits as he set new altitude records. The first suit ruptured during a pressure test. The redesigned 2nd suit had a similar helmet but Wiley was unable to move in it once inflated. They were unable to remove this suit from Post, so they had to cut him out thus destroying the suit. The third and final suit was designed from the lessons of the first two. It was the successful design.


Pressure Suit made for Wiley Post, constructed at the BF Goodrich plant in California, 1934. He was unable to move once the pressure suit was inflated.


Wiley Post improved Pressure Suit 1934 -50,000 ft flight




Wiley Post – with 3rd Pressure suit


Emile Harrera Linares – suit for high altitude balloons – 1935

After Wiley Post – 40s


The “Tomato-Worm” Spacesuit (XH-5)- BF Goodrich 1940s Designed by Russell Colley – inspired by the segments of a tomato worm Colley observed in his garden



Concept “Tomato-Worm” with Mechanical Hands


COMING SOON PART 2 – 50s and 60s





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Lunar Module Cutaway

A little Throwback here for a Tuesday.

Apollo Lunar Module Cutaway


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Big Falcon Rocket Cutaway Image

This is the best image I have seen to date on the BFR and it’s possible interior.


Click image to enlarge      image credit: Nick Oberg   Reddit post: 

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SpaceX SES-12 Launch Info


Launch Time: June 4th -12:29-2:57am EDT (04:29-06:57 UTC)
Launch Location: SLC-40 -Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Payload: SES-12
Landing:  No
Noteworthy: “Go Pursuit” has left port and will attempt to pursue telemetry and fairings. Booster B1040.2 has had a previous mission( F9 Mission 42 [X-37B OTV-5] ). 56th Launch of a F9.
Watch Live: SpaceX and YouTube

“The SES-12 satellite will expand SES’s capabilities to provide direct-to-home (DTH) broadcasting, VSAT, Mobility and High Throughput Satellite (HTS) data connectivity services in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, including rapidly growing markets such as India and Indonesia. The satellite will replace NSS-6 at this location and will be co-located with SES-8. SES-12 is capable of supporting requirements in multiple verticals from Cyprus in the West to Japan in the East, and from Russia in the North to Australia in the South.” – SES-12

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