SpaceX has published the video of the F9 landing:


image: Michael Howard

image: Michael Howard

Great Shock Collar on yesterdays’s launch!

What’s a Shock Collar?


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UPDATE: Launch currently scheduled for Sunday, June 22 at 5:30 pm ET

Orbcomm OG2 is scheduled for launch today. The launch window opens at 6:08pm EDT.

image: SpaceX

image credit: SpaceX

The ORBCOMM OG2 mission will launch six OG2 satellites, the first six of a series of OG2 satellites launching on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 vehicle.

But of course everyone is waiting to see the landing attempt…

” the light payload leaves more room for fuel, and gives us fuel for what we are most excited about here: the landing attempt. The excess fuel will be used for a landing like this one, except this will be over water. A landing attempt was successfully executed in the last flight as well (the rocket came to a halt over the ocean’s surface before taking a swim). Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, the footage returned from that landing was shaky at best; though efforts to repair the returned footage have been quite impressive. This attempt will be happening significantly closer to shore AND with far superior recovery ships in the area. Though the stage certainly won’t be in flying shape, chances are looking pretty good that we will see humanity’s first-ever recovered flyback stage!”  -user Ambiwlans at Reddit

this weeks landing test. Check out the Grid Fins!

important links:

OrbComm Launch coverage
Watch the launch live HERE

During the CRS-3 mission the 1st stage did a soft retro landing above the water . The stage landing gear was released and the retro fire took place. When SpaceX retrieved the 21 second onboard video the quality was horrible. There were quite a few dropped frames and corruption. You can see the original raw video here just to see how bad it is.

SpaceX asked the community for help. And the community responded. Linked below is the community YouTube site which is updated regularly of the latest in the restoration videos.

If you would like to read on how this work is being done check out the Forum here.

See all updates at the Youtube site here
Current video of this post date:



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