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That’s 99,424,000 pounds-force or 442,260,000 newtons! 

…and for a little science -a  newton explained:


N: newton

kg: kilogram

m: metre

s: second.

The film was commissioned by National Association of Rocketry and is narrated by G. Harry Stine.

Latest and highest flight from point of view of the Hexacopter

This Solar Dynamics Observatory Atlas V rocket launch in February 2010 exceeded the speed of sound in a layer of ice crystals, making the shock wave visible from the ground. This occurs around 1:53 in the video.


Sad Armadillos!

Nice Launch with a not so nice recovery.

This an amazing real-time inside the cockpit view of the entire Freedom 7 flight of Alan Shepard as he becomes the first American in space. I suggest watching this in full screen!

This compilation of footage is by Videographer “Space Opera 2010 France”

(sound does drop out a few times during flight)

An onboard video made by a quadcopter of Dan Welling’s M powered “Bits ‘n’ Pieces” rocket at a St. Louis Rocketry launch. The motor was a CTI M1790 skidmark motor (98mm 4 grain) and reached an altitude of 11,140 ft AGL.

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