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That’s 99,424,000 pounds-force or 442,260,000 newtons! 

…and for a little science -a  newton explained:


N: newton

kg: kilogram

m: metre

s: second.

The film was commissioned by National Association of Rocketry and is narrated by G. Harry Stine.

Latest and highest flight from point of view of the Hexacopter

This Solar Dynamics Observatory Atlas V rocket launch in February 2010 exceeded the speed of sound in a layer of ice crystals, making the shock wave visible from the ground. This occurs around 1:53 in the video.


Sad Armadillos!

Nice Launch with a not so nice recovery.

This an amazing real-time inside the cockpit view of the entire Freedom 7 flight of Alan Shepard as he becomes the first American in space. I suggest watching this in full screen!

This compilation of footage is by Videographer “Space Opera 2010 France”

(sound does drop out a few times during flight)

An onboard video made by a quadcopter of Dan Welling’s M powered “Bits ‘n’ Pieces” rocket at a St. Louis Rocketry launch. The motor was a CTI M1790 skidmark motor (98mm 4 grain) and reached an altitude of 11,140 ft AGL.

Read more here

First Orbit – a new film about Yuri Gagarin’s flight into history. The official site is

On 12th April 2011 it will be 50 years to the day since Yuri Gagarin climbed into his space ship and was launched into space. It took him just 108 minutes to orbit Earth and he returned as the World’s very first space man.

To mark this historic flight we have teamed up with the astronauts onboard the International Space Station to film a new view of what Yuri would have seen as he traveled around the planet.

Weaving these new views together with historic voice recordings from Yuri’s flight and an original score by composer Philip Sheppard, we have created a spellbinding film to share with people around the World on this historic anniversary.

We have partnered with YouTube to host a special global premiere of the film on the 12th April.” – via First Orbit

Here is the Trailer

Another great Dr.Zooch video.


and of course there is my all time favorite Dr. Zooch film.
Ants on Rockets

55 ft Iris hybrid launches

55 ft Iris hybrid launches

The UK Rocket Men are up to it again with their large hybrid rockets. You may remember them from the Robin Space Shuttle attempt on Top Gear. This time it’s a 55 foot hybrid rocket which happens to be the largest and heaviest rocket ever launched from the UK mainland.  The Discovery Channel’s new show Project Earth commissioned the rocket as part of a payload experiment. The launch has its problems as the hybrid motors begin to sputter and fail.

Watch the spectacular launch here

Back in the 1970s Estes produced this silent short film about the CINEROC. Thanks to rcgrabbag for making this available. Here is what rcgrabbag has to say about it:

This movie was produced by Estes as a means to promote the Cineroc movie camera rocket payload. The film was shot on 8mm movie film (no sound) and could be purchased from the Estes catalogs from the 1970’s. It includes sequences illustrating launching as well as several in-flight sequences, some in slow motion. Thanks to Bohus over at for doing the digital transfer of the film! Learn more about the Cineroc on my blog at Check out the Rocketry section.”

Oh the 70s….what a decade. Here William Shatner visits model rocketry. This is a thorough introduction to rocketry with lots of cool 70s synthesizers and views of classic Estes kits. You don’t want to miss this one.

Model Rocketry: The Last Frontier

Part 1
Part 2

James Huffy has posted links to a Video biography of G. Harry Stine.

The video was created to support the nomination of G. Harry Stine for the FAI Aeromodeling Gold Medal

This is a great video incorporating pictures and video that I haven’t seen. This will be a part of the “Old Rocketeers Reunion Video” being produced for NARAM-50 this summer.

Here is the video


Well it looks like Vern Estes has set up a Youtube account and for the first time(to my knowledge) we have some video documentation of those early years at Estes. John Schutz is filming this nice montage of early Estes memorabilia. You can also visit Vern’s website.

Here it is:

You can visit Vern’s Youtube profile page here

Check out more Classic Rocketry Videos in this post

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