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NASA’s year in review includes milestones by Commercial Space, Mars Curiosity Rover and even Voyager 1.

NASA’s Year in Review

NASA has released 17000 more photos to the Apollo archive according to the UKs  Daily Mail

“The archive, released through the Nasa-funded Lunar And Planetary Institute, shows not only the famous photos of Apollo 11 but everyday work for the astronauts as they completed their scheduled tasks in what must be history’s most breathtaking workplace.”
-Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2528936/One-small-click-man-Nasa-releases-17-000-photos-Apollo-program-including-rare-shots-mission-13.html#ixzz2oV4RXCXS

NASA”s Apollo Gallery is here

Great new site that has a nice collection of dynamic SpaceX stats including a next launch countdown clock.


Click here to go to stats site

A Copenhagen Suborbitals Visual Guide

TDS80 capsule exploded view. Image: Kristian von Bengtson

The one thing I have been most impressed by following the progress over at Copenhagen Suborbitals is the amazing documentation of everything they do. In addition Wired magazine over the years has stepped up to being an English speaking proponent of their work and has posted many great articles on their progress. The following article is a step by step guide to building the TDS80 capsule written by KRISTIAN VON BENGTSON the founder of Copenhagen Suborbitals.

Read the Full article here

rb-pumpkin rb-pumpkin2 rb-pumpkin3

The 50% more powerful SpaceX Falcon 9 roared off the pad using the new v1.1engines. Cassiope was successfully placed in orbit.

This was a great day for commercial space. In addition to this successful launch Orbital successfully berths with the ISS.

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