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We are pretty familiar to watching NASA and SpaceX launches from the viewpoint of onboard rocket cameras. But what about Russian rockets?

Well here you go. Soyuz Flight VS07 with rocket cam.

Masten Space Systems Xombie rocket is guided with the Astrobotic hazard avoidance system to a perfect landing.

I wanted to point out a couple of articles that I find great reads this week.

The first article is over at Ars Technica and is a “what if” there could have been a rescue of the Shuttle Columbia.

The untold story of the rescue mission that could have been NASA’s finest hour.



The second is about new opportunities in Space and is over at The Space Review and is entitled:

Rocket science on a shoestring


Take a free course in Space Systems Engineering through NASA and the Saylor Foundation.

“Space Systems Engineering, a new massive open online course or MOOC from NASA and the Saylor Foundation, launches on Monday, March 3, 2014. The six-week, general-audience course is available to the public at no cost and provides a unique opportunity to learn from and alongside NASA’s engineers. Students who participate can earn a free certificate.”

For full text Press Release go here

For course enrollment, visit:

For interviews with NASA scientists, visit:

Upcoming Mars spacecraft will need powerful chutes to slow them down on descent. In previous test wind tunnels were used. The test applies the correct aerodynamic force to a parachute that is too large to fit in any existing wind tunnel.

Unfortunately the parachute does tear but thats why we test.


Everyone is talking about a few photos snapped of a Falcon 9 with landing legs at the McGregor testing facility. No not the Grasshopper. Well perhaps Grasshopper 2 or 1.1 or even F9R. See the comparison to Grasshopper below.


new snapshot shown beside the Grasshopper for comparison


photo credit: Jim Howard

F9 Sprouts Legs (click to enlarge)

F9 Sprouts Legs (click to enlarge)

These are the legs we saw on the floor at the SpaceX facility last year

click to enlarge - image tweeted by Elon Musk

click to enlarge – image tweeted by May 2013 Elon Musk

These are the retractable/extendable legs.

Will an upcoming flight sport the new legs?
Hopefully we will here more from SpaceX on this soon. Stay tuned.


Check out this over at Gizmodo. Someone turned a Quad copter into a launch platform.

Video here:

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