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The 50% more powerful SpaceX Falcon 9 roared off the pad using the new v1.1engines. Cassiope was successfully placed in orbit.

This was a great day for commercial space. In addition to this successful launch Orbital successfully berths with the ISS.


Cassiope Patch

Cassiope Patch

Launch window: 1600-1800 GMT (12-2 p.m. EDT; 9-11 a.m. PDT)
Launch site: SLC-4E, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California


You can now follow the daily build notes and information on the XCOR Lynx spaceplane at it’s blog.

“For many weeks and months the XCOR Team has been hard at work on a journey like no other, building Lynx. We would like to share that experience with you, and share what excites and motivates our team in developing Lynx. We will bring you the story daily, a piece at a time, all the way through the flight test program to first commercial flight. Just stay here to follow along. It will be a marathon, not a sprint. But it will be a marathon at Mach speed!” -XCOR Lynx Blog

XCOR Lynx Blog

SpaceX Grasshopper showed us yesterday that it also has lateral movement. Watch this August 13th test :


There is apparently a good reason we have not heard from Armadillo Aerospace since a STIG-B launch back in February. They are effectively out of money and have entered a “hibernation mode”.

“But I’ve basically expended my crazy money on Armadillo, so I don’t expect to see any rockets in the real near future unless we do wind up raising some investment money on it.” -John Carmack

You can read the Full Story here

older Armadillo Aerospace post



New video released by SpaceX promoting Falcon 9

Watching the Video you get a view of the new landing leg configuration that we first mentioned here.

F9 Sprouts Legs (click to enlarge)

F9 Sprouts Legs (click to enlarge)

SpaceX has also released a new version of its website

Exploring Space: Cosmic Revolutionaries


another twitter follower posted this possible MCT mission plan and Elon Musk tweeted back and said it was “pretty close to what I have in mind”.

posted by Tinker @Jogn_Gardi

posted by Tinker @Jogn_Gardi


also Musk says “Hyperloop” plans will be out soon!

Wow Mars mission by 1981. Mars base in 1987-88. Oh what dreams we had in 1969


Click to Enlarge – Image: NASA

Here is the video of the successful Copenhagen Suborbitals active guidance flight of their Sapphire rocket.


More on the launch here

Musk has thrown around the name “MCT ” for a while but hasn’t elaborated on what it means.

Musk has said the new rocket will be “several times” as powerful as the 1 Merlin series, and won’t use Merlin’s RP-1 fuel. Beyond adding that it will have “a very big core size”, he declined to elaborate, promising more details in “between one and three years”.

Yesterday the mystery was solved in a tweet by Musk


Got to love the name. Exciting!

Image credit: SpaceX

Image credit: SpaceX


The 2014 TARC Rules have now been released.


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