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SpaceX has published the video of the F9 landing:


Ever since I saw the Apple ad in which model rockets are launched by an iPhone I have been in search for the app and hardware information.

Well thanks to MAKE and this brilliant kid the method has been found. I just happen to have a Raspberry Pi lying around. Link to Make article Here



Today marks the 45th Anniversary of Apollo 11 liftoff.

Here are a few of my favorite past Apollo 11 post:

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and for reference….All my previous post about Apollo 11 



“With our proprietary high-altitude balloons, World View offers an accessible, affordable way to access nearspace. As a Voyager, you will enjoy a suborbital spaceflight unlike any other. Gently floating up into nearspace with World View, Voyagers now have the unique opportunity to experience what space philosopher and writer Frank White calls the “Overview Effect,” the unexpected emotional reaction and unparalleled perspective-shift that comes from seeing our planet suspended in space.” – World View Enterprises

World View had a successful high-altitude test flight of a 10% scale model on Tuesday.

Tycho(the test vehicle) flew to an altitude of 120,000 feet, descended, and then parafoiled to earth from 50,000 feet. This set a record for highest parafoil flight.

Visit World View’s Website

UPDATE: Launch currently scheduled for Sunday, June 22 at 5:30 pm ET

Orbcomm OG2 is scheduled for launch today. The launch window opens at 6:08pm EDT.

image: SpaceX

image credit: SpaceX

The ORBCOMM OG2 mission will launch six OG2 satellites, the first six of a series of OG2 satellites launching on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 vehicle.

But of course everyone is waiting to see the landing attempt…

” the light payload leaves more room for fuel, and gives us fuel for what we are most excited about here: the landing attempt. The excess fuel will be used for a landing like this one, except this will be over water. A landing attempt was successfully executed in the last flight as well (the rocket came to a halt over the ocean’s surface before taking a swim). Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, the footage returned from that landing was shaky at best; though efforts to repair the returned footage have been quite impressive. This attempt will be happening significantly closer to shore AND with far superior recovery ships in the area. Though the stage certainly won’t be in flying shape, chances are looking pretty good that we will see humanity’s first-ever recovered flyback stage!”  -user Ambiwlans at Reddit

this weeks landing test. Check out the Grid Fins!

important links:

OrbComm Launch coverage
Watch the launch live HERE


Morpheus Flight 14 at night.


Youtube copy: “The Morpheus/ALHAT team successfully completed Free Flight 14 (FF14) at the KSC SLF on Wednesday, May 28, 2014, Bravo’s 12th and ALHAT’s 5th free flight — and the first ever night flight. Initial data indicated nominal performance of all vehicle systems. The ALHAT Hazard Detection System (HDS) performed well, but identified a safe site just 0.5 m outside the conservatively established limits around the center of the landing pad. ALHAT then navigated the vehicle in closed-loop mode through the entire approach, with the vehicle taking over navigation during the descent phase of the trajectory when ALHAT was already dead-reckoning. Had less conservative position error limits allowed ALHAT to continue to navigate to landing, the vehicle still would have landed safely on the pad. 

The team overcame a few preflight issues, including a failed ignition due to a non-critical temperature limit exceedance, which was corrected for the successful second attempt.”



SpaceX Dragon Splashdown after flawless mission.


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